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The Institute of Remote Sensing Satellites (IRSS) of the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST)

The Institute of Remote Sensing Satellites (IRSS) of the China Academy of Space Technology (CAST) was formally established on August 11, 2020. IRSS was formerly known as the DepartmentNO.1 of the China Academy of Space Technology System Department, which was established on August 16, 1968.Shouldering the main responsibility and working as a overall system engineering institute in the large to medium-sized remote sensing satellites field in CAST, IRSS is responsible for business development planning, market exploration and customer maintenance in the field of remote sensing satellites. It also works on the R & D, overall design, system engineering, on orbit technical support and after-sales services of various types of spacecrafts, leading the development of relevant technologies and products ofother professional enterprises.

In the field of large to medium-sized remote sensing satellites, IRSS (CAST) has developed and successfully launched more than 30 satellites, including China's first transmission remote sensing satellite (ZY-1), the first marine dynamic environment monitoring satellite (HY-2), the first stereo mapping satellite (ZY-3), the first sub-meter earth observation satellite (GF-2), the first geostationary high resolution optical remote sensing satellite (GF-4), and the first high resolution C-band multi-polarization synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imaging satellite(GF-3) .Several series of satellite series, such as ZY, HY, GF, etc., have been formed, being used for land and resources management and monitoring, geographic information mapping, marine dynamic environment monitoring, emergency disaster reduction, environmental protection andso forth. IRSS (CAST) has made remarkable achievements andhas made greatcontributions to the development of China's spaceborne remote sensing industry from scratch, from small to large and from weak to strong.

IRSS will always carry out the mission of "Being committed to make China a space power, devoting to serving our motherland with space technology,buildingour career with spaceborne remote sensing, standing firm by our overallsystem engineering capability",andadhere toour role positioning of "the leader of remote sensing satellite system, the leading runner of the overall system engineering capability of space exploration, and the promoter of satellite remote sensing application". IRSS will actively expand various channels with the guidance of enhancing market competitiveness andwill comprehensively build a business system for system demonstration and evaluation, system R & D and design, system integration and verification, system application and service, and vigorously cooperate with other institutes for common developments. Working together with other friendly units, IRSS will strive for the peak of China's spaceborne remote sensing industry, and will make greater contributions tothe construction of a new overall system for satellite remote sensing, of a great space power and of a worldwide first-class aerospace enterprise.

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