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Qian Xuesen Laboratory of Space Technology(Qian Lab)

Qian Xuesen Laboratory of Space Technology, founded in December 2011, is an innovative "special zone" of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd. dedicated to developing into an internationally influential first-class space science and space technology laboratory.

Qian Xuesen Laboratory inherits and develops Qian Xuesen's spirit, adheres to the innovative ideas of "task is longitude, and subject is latitude," "first questioning whether it is new, then questioning whether it is flexible," and "independent research is primary, and organizational research is supplementary." It establishes the business orientation of "creative center, research center and incubation center," and establishes the trinity of "strategic research, systematic research and applied basic research" to its innovative business development system. At present, the innovative business development system has become the first national innovation workstation of the Central Military Commission, the space technology innovation center of national defense science and technology industry, and the space system development research center of the group company, which are three open, convergent and collaborative innovation platforms.

Qian Xuesen Laboratory is committed to creating a good cultural atmosphere by exploring new mechanisms of innovative management, attracting high-level research talent at home and abroad, and generating numerous internationally influential achievements in the field of space science and technology. At present, Qian Xuesen Laboratory has implemented a management mode with PI system and synergistic system as its core, whilst implementing the tenure-track-like appointment assessment system with peer evaluation as its respective core. At present, it has formed an innovative interdisciplinary team led by Duan Baoyan, Zheng Ping, Zou Zhigang, Wang Weihua, Yang Mengfei and other academicians. At the same time, it has hired experts including academician Ye Yongtao and Ph.D Maria A. Baruccibo to participate in research work related to space science.

Qian Xuesen Laboratory, through building an open cooperation platform, is committed to developing into a window and link for cooperation between China's aerospace and domestic and foreign scientific research institutions; creating new opportunities for future space systems and missions. At present, the laboratory has established cooperative relationships with the American Planetary Science Institute, the Russian Academy of Ziolkowski Astronautical Sciences and other overseas institutions as well as Zhejiang University, Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology, Shenzhen University and other domestic scientific research institutions, and held a series of international and domestic academic conferences to promote research cooperation through academic exchanges and cooperation. At present, Qian Xuesen Laboratory is working with domestic and foreign scientific research institutions to carry out strategic demonstration, mission definition, application basis, key technologies and load instruments to areas including the innovation workstation of the Central Military Commission, the innovation center of the Bureau of Science and Technology, major national projects in the future, and space science missions.

In the new era and new stage, Qian Xuesen Laboratory sincerely invites all people at home and abroad to join hands in the exploration of space technology upholding the original aspirations of opening-up, and collectively create a "space dream" to constantly push forward humanity's future in the space industry!

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