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Beijing Institute of Space Mechanics and Electricity (BISME)

BISME, Beijing Institute of Space Mechanics and Electricity, was founded on April 21st, 1958. It is a member of China Academy of Space Technology under China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation. Starting from sounding rocket studies, BISME has also been engaged in carrier rocket technologies, satellite technologies and manned spacecraft technologies. It is one of the first institutes in China that are dedicated to the study of space technologies.

From design and manufacture to AIT, BISME covers every step of the development of space optical remote sensors and EDL systems. Outstanding BISME researchers of different generations, represented by Academician Guo Yonghuai, Academician Yang Nansheng, Academician Wang Xiji, Academician Lin Huabao and Academician Yang Bingxin, have been committed to BISME’s six major research areas, i.e. spacecraft landing and recovery, space optical remote sensing, pyrotechnic devices, aerial optical remote sensing, space laser detection, as well as composite molding. As the main force in implementing national major projects such as the Manned Aerospace Program and the China High-resolution Earth Observation System program, BISME researchers have been awarded multiple National Science and Technology Advancement Awards, including three Special Prizes, and achieved several hundreds of major technological results. Over the 60 years since its foundation, BISME has grown into an internationally competitive institute that mainly focuses on the development of space EDL system and space optical remote sensors.

As the only Chinese institute that is engaged in space EDL system development, BISME can provide EDL system solutions for all kinds of spacecrafts and has developed dozens of EDL systems for satellites and spacecrafts, which have been successfully used in the major missions such as the returnable satellite program, Manned Spaceflight Program and the Lunar Exploration Program, representing the highest level of China’s spacecraft landing and recovery technology. BISME has also developed various products and services of recovery systems for spacecrafts, UAVs and deep space detection missions, precise fixed point delivery system, space inflatable structure and large field test system etc. Meanwhile, since the year of 1967 when BISME entered into the field of space optical remote sensing till 2019, BISME has offered up to 196 space optical remote sensors for observation of resources and ocean, land surveying and mapping, disaster/environment monitoring, atmosphere sounding, as well as deep space exploration, accounting for over 80% of the total number of the in-orbit operating Chinese optical remote sensors. The success rate is 100 percent. Moreover, BISME offers products and services in the field of pyrotechnic devices, aerial optical remote sensing, and composite molding etc as well.

Driven by innovation, BISME aims to become an innovative aerospace high-tech enterprise with international competitiveness. We are now carrying out researches on high-resolution optical remote sensing and Mars exploration. In the future, our technology and products will be widely used in land surveying, development and utilization of resources, environment monitoring and protection and many other applications to help human beings build a beautiful homeland that is secure, healthy and free.

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