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China Aerospace Components Engineering Center
CAST-Xi'an Institute of Space Radio Technology
Beijing Institute of Control Engineering
Beijing Institute of Space Mechanics and Electricity
Lanzhou Institute of Physics
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Shandong Aerospace Electro-technology Institute
Beijing Orient Institute of Measurement and Test
Tianjin Institute of Aerospace Mechanical and Electrical Equipment
Beijing Spacecrafts Manufacturing Factory
Shenzhou Investment Management Co., Ltd.
China Spacesat Co., Ltd.
DFH Satellite Co., Ltd.
Space Star Technology Co., Ltd.
Aerospace Dongfanghong development Ltd. Shenzhen
Space Biotechnology Group

Beijing Institute of Control Engineering (BICE)

Established In 1956, Beijing Institute Of Control And Engineering (BICE) Is Subordinated To China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CAST).
To 2019, BICE’S total revenue has achieved 7 billion RMB. It has a team of over 2000 staff members including 590 doctors.

Focus on control and propulsion subsystems on satellite platforms, BICE Provides sensors, controllers and electromechanical products to the customers around the world. And it has the capability of control and propulsion system and products research, development, designing, manufacturing, testing and integration.

From DFH-1, BICE, responsible for spacecraft control & propulsion system, has accomplished over 90% projects of more than 200 satellites and spacecraft (six series platforms) in China.

Magnetic torque

Solar array drive assembly:
Solar array drive assembly (SADA)

Satellite electronics:
Chip onboard
Space OS

Star sensor
Rendezvous dock optical imaging sensor
Sun sensor
Earth sensor

Propulsion System:
Propulsion system design
Gas tank
Valve & filter

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